Thursday, September 10, 2015

Dinner Time

    A few years agoI was diagnosed with gastroparesis, which is a fancy term meaning my stomach doesn’t work right. It’s “paralyzed” which in my case means it is very, very slow. So not total paralysis but food sits awhile. The treatment for this is following a restricted diet. Sounds easy right? HA!
    You see, I’m not supposed to eat fibrous things. Like raw veggies or fruits with skin. They are very hard to digest. So salads are out. (As someone who has tried dieting by salad, that is a secret yipee!) But I really do like salad. The down side is the fact that veggies keep the digestive system healthy and regulated. Which for someone with Sjogren’s can be a real problem. So veggies are in?
    And what about breads? Everyone knows whole grains are best. Except grains are hard to digest. White bread is easier on the stomach. But white bread isn’t good for me. It breaks down into sugar in your system and causes an insulin spike which creates swelling. That’s the worst thing for an inflammatory disease sufferer. So no bread?? (But I love bread.)
    So I have a salad, or not, and a roll that’s whole grain, or maybe white, on my plate so far. Meat? I love chicken. Much more than red meat. But chicken can be tough and stringy. That makes it hard to digest. Pork is even worse. Unless it’s cooked just right. And ground beef just plain hurts. Well I guess I have to go vegetarian. Oh, yeah! I can’t eat raw veggies. So meat but no meat?
    This is getting ridiculous now. Can I just get to the dessert? Please? Oh really? Sugar isn’t good either? More swelling? Great. Sugar free chocolate pudding it is. (No I am not giving up chocolate!)
    That went well! I have a salad, or not, and a roll that’s whole grain, or maybe white, meat but no meat, and sugar free chocolate pudding on my plate. Sounds...well...I’m not exactly sure how it sounds. I’m totally confused as to what I’m actually going to be eating. Can anyone explain it to me? I really need a drink.
    What? I can’t have alcohol…
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