Thursday, December 3, 2015

It’s Foggy In Here


    So on Sunday, my husband and I went over bills and phone calls and general household stuff that had to get done. I made my to do list as usual so I’d remember what I had to do on Monday. I put it away, played Candy Crush, drank my water and went to bed with the fan on as usual. At that exact moment, my house gnomes woke up and decided they needed the paper my list was on much more than I did and relieved me of it as I found out the next morning.
    Monday morning and no list. My memory is not the best. But this should be OK. I had 4 phone calls and not many errands. So phone calls first. 1) The Bank-that’s easy! I called the bank and got instructions on how to close one account in order to open it in a different profile. Or maybe not. We want to open the account profile in my husband’s name. Apparently that means I can’t be given instructions. Seriously. Bang head on wall. Now need another errand. (Banks should handle HIPAA by the way. And the ability to purchase weaponry. But that’s a totally different paper…)
    OK. One call down. 2) Next... Next… Wait. What was the next call? Ummm, the boys? The house? Doctor...YES! I have to find out when my next appointment is! Done! Friday at 10AM.
3) Call…..      ………..        ………..        ………… (does this happen to any of you?) Seriously. Just yesterday, I conversed with my husband and made a short list of stuff to do and now after only two phone calls, it has completely jumped out of my head. Unbelievable. Oh yeah! Insurance Agent! YESS!! So number 4 is… I give up! Done. I’ll figure it out later.
    So on phone calls, I’m ¾. Not bad for someone who openly admits to a bad memory though I am not sure it’s from the autoimmune stuff or the medicine. And unfortunately, either makes daily life difficult. Not that I forget everything. I don’t. But there are days when I forget a lot. From getting dog food to making the one phone call necessary to pay our electrical bill. The worst is forgetting appointments or meetings with friends. I have lost a lot of friends because I have not met up with them due to forgetfulness or plain disease effects. I hate that about myself.
    Now for errands. I need to pick up bread. That I know. I run out to Lori’s, get the bread, in and out. Now for, ummm, OH! Bras! They were sent to Greece Lane Bryant. Up north. No problem. Only 25 miles away. So I drive up there, park, walk to that store, make the exchange after trying on way too many due to weight loss, and walk/drag back to the car. I’m already exhausted and thirsty. I travel with water. I chug. What’s next? I have absolutely no clue! Hahahaha. So typical. The more I push myself, the more tired I get, the more I forget.
    This is why I make lists. Like the one the Gnomes took. And I also lose these lists all the time. So I just purchased a purse journal. A small one to write my lists in and put right back into my purse. Hopefully house Gnomes hate the inside of purses. And that I will remember to write down appointments on it as well. I got a pretty one. If I have to use one, I want it to be pretty! Like my cane-if I have to use it, I want it to be cool.
    So back to my errands. What’s next. Ahhhhh……….. ALDI! Yup. Fruit! That’s 3/I have no clue for errands! Wait a minute. ALDI is way back by Lori’s. I should have that right after getting my bread. That’s why lists are helpful. They organize where my errands are too. I am wasting gas because I am driving back and forth and back and forth. I am so over this bad memory thing. Now I’m just going to stop at Starbuck’s and get some really strong coffee with caramel. I want caffeine. And sugar. And maybe this will trigger my memory. Maybe…

    Or maybe I will be fast enough to catch those damn little Gnomes before they get away with my next list!

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